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Inside Renegades minicamp: Day 6

Dallas running back Marquis Young works through special teams drills on Wednesday.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- On Tuesday, Dallas defensive coordinator Chris Woods found himself frustrated a few times at his unit's alignment during walkthroughs. That frustration was gone by Wednesday, and he said it's a sign that he's got some sharp guys on his side of the ball.

"I was just telling [Dallas head coach] Bob [Stoops] that I’ve been coaching this system for a long time and kind of have a set installation plan. And the installation plan is hard because I just dump a lot on the players the first go-round," Woods said. "We ran 54 plays today, 57 plays yesterday, and usually, the first time you line it up and the bullets are flying fast, I’m watching tape and you can’t even identify the calls your guys are making. But with our guys, there was only one call where I couldn’t tell what they were doing. That’s pretty good. These guys are unbelievable about being smart and picking it up compared to every other place I’ve been."

The quality between Tuesday and Wednesday underscored that point.

"It was much better. We spent time in the morning, we showed them their mistakes and these guys are awesome," Woods said. "You show them what they did wrong and show them what they did right and they respond."

Lost in the chaos of uniform and football reveals for fans may be the fact that the football preparation is on a slightly accelerated track compared to most seasons at most levels. That means there's a lot to accomplish before training camp starts in Houston on Jan. 5. That means the coaches have a lot to impart over the next eight days. 

"The biggest thing with us is just developing trust in each other and finding the most dependable guys to put on the field who are going to be in the spot that you draw on the paper," Woods said. 

Life is not a playbook, football is not a grease board. Everything moves, and you’ve got to give your guys freedom to adjust to what they’re seeing on the field.

Defensive coordinator Chris Woods

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