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Around the XFL: Training Camp, Day 1

(Credit: Tyler Brosious)

HOUSTON -- Sunday marked liftoff for XFL's 2020 Training Camp.

All eight squads stepped onto the field for Day 1 on Sunday.

Dallas Renegades

The Dallas Renegades used Sunday to get their legs back under them and get ready for the long camp ahead. 

Conditioning is done. Almost time to put on the pads. 

DC Defenders

It’s almost hitting time.

Houston Roughnecks

The Houston Roughnecks are here to showcase their hands on a casual Sunday.

Los Angeles Wildcats

The Los Angeles Wildcats hit the turf to get in some conditioning, remind you about “The Wildcat Way” before hitting the gym to put in some work.

New York Guardians

The New York Guardians were visited by the XFL Social Team. Check out the thread below for an inside look at Training Camp.

St. Louis BattleHawks

The St. Louis BattleHawks are relaxed and ready to go.

Seattle Dragons

The Seattle Dragons have yet to put on the pads, but the intensity has surely been turned up. 

Tampa Bay Vipers

Talk about kickoff....

They're pointing at the camera. Seriously. They mean business.

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