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Hot Read: Top 5 offensive players

Hot Read: "This is the XFL Show" names its Top 5 offensive players for 2020.

On this portion of the This is the XFL Show's Hot Read, Alan and Bryant give you a deep dive into who they think are the top 5 offensive players in the XFL for 2020. The chat culminates with the crew naming their Offensive Player of the Year.

#5 - Josh Johnson

The crew slots LA Wildcats starting quarterback Josh Johnson as the #5 ranked offensive player for 2020. The former NFL journeyman threw for 1076 yards and 11 touchdowns dazzling in a variety of situations throughout 2020. Alan credits the #5 ranking to his ability to lead the Wildcats' offense and his role in Los Angeles having two of the highest-scoring games of the year. 

"I think there are four players that stood out more." Alan added. 

Bryant eludes to Johnson being second in the league in passing yards and in touchdowns while being first in interceptions for quarterbacks who played more than four games. 

"When you are talking about someone who pretty much put the team on his back, Josh Johnson to me had one of the best seasons a player could have in the XFL and to me should be a little higher than number 5." Bryant summarized. 

Johnson led the Wildcats to a 2-3 record.

#4 - Jacques Patrick & De'Veon Smith

The Tampa Bay Vipers running back tandem of Jacques Patrick and De'Veon Smith find themselves coming at number four on the podcast's list. 

"You got De'Veon Smith to eat up the yardage, maybe play the passing downs a little bit more. Jacques Patrick to finish on the goal line and have huge runs and run guys over. Both of them were spectacular to watch at time. Both of them, in the same game, had 100 yards against DC and both of them are worthy of this list." Alan said.

Patrick and Smith combined for 150 attempts, ranking first and third on the league rushing yards list. Smith led the league in rushing with 365 yards while Patrick ranked third with 254 yards. 

"I think Smith and Patrick both deserved it." Bryant chimed in.

#3 - Donald Parham

Dallas Renegades tight end Donald Parham comes in at number three after a strong 2020 campaign.

"So so tall, so so graceful, so so damn good out of nowhere... Who heard of Donald Parham before the XFL? Not many of us but he showed up, all 6-foot-8 of him, and just freakin' dominated. As a tight end, he was putting up numbers as good as pretty much any receiver in the league...He was the target for the Dallas Renegades and essential to their game plan."

Parham was tied for second in the league with four touchdowns. He also grabbed 24 balls overall for 307 yards, averaging 12.8 yards per catch. 

"Don't forget that 65-yard run where he was just jogging across and all of a sudden, he just gets into gear and goes all the way through. He was a lot of fun to watch. He was a great target to have in the red zone." Bryant said with a chuckle.

#2 - P.J. Walker

Whether it was with feet or his arm, Houston Roughnecks quarterback P.J. Walker dazzled every week in the 2020 XFL season. 

"You obviously could make the argument for number one for P.J...Undefeated quarterback, big plays left and right, very few mistakes and even when he made mistakes, he turned them into touchdowns sometimes. It was just all clicking for this guy." Alan said.

Walker had 15 touchdowns with just 4 interceptions and threw for 1338 yards while leading the Roughnecks to a perfect 5-0 record.

"The man was basically the offensive machine for the Houston Roughnecks. Could we have put him number 1? Probably." Bryant added.

#1 - Cam Phillips

When it came to explosive and dominating offensive players, Houston Roughnecks wide receiver Cam Phillips gets ranked #1 by the podcast crew. 

"Yeah the argument could be made for P.J. Walker but Cam Phillips had three Star of the Week awards... Not every team had their receivers showing up every week. Cam Phillips pretty much showed up every week besides one week where he was strategically taken out, a well-done job Dallas. Other than that, virtually unstoppable. Big play, short yardage, YAC, whatever you needed, Cam Phillips was there." Alan said while naming Cam Phillips the XFL Show Offensive Player of the Year.

Phillips led the league in receptions with 31, yards with 455, touchdowns with 9.

He led a potent offensive attack from the Roughnecks and help lead them to a perfect 5-0 record.

"You talk about offense, that is what Cam Phillips is. You know, P.J. Walker, great player, nothing to take away from him because he is a great offensive star. But just in pure offense, Talent. Someone you have to worry about, someone you have to look out for the entire time, Cam Phillips." Bryant added while crowning Phillips.