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Best reactions to the XFL football debut

The Monday debut of the XFL's official in-game football and our Augmented Reality (AR) experience drew plenty of attention. 

The ball was certainly our best look yet ...

... and yes, the ball can turn left.

Of course PFTCommenter got his hands on one:

Which mascot is your favorite?

Elsewhere, 'tis the (pre)season:

On the other hand, why wait for Christmas to unwrap a present?

Those online recipe videos are addictive.

The ball is also educational:

Be sure to clear some space for your own:

Heads up!

We'll end this one for the kids. First, New York Guardians quarterback Matt McGloin brought the new pigskin to the Jersey City Jets youth team:

Finally, the Los Angeles Wildcats and QB Luis Perez visited the local Franklin High Panthers: