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Around the XFL: Training Camp, Day 6

HOUSTON -- As the XFL teams head into Saturday's joint practices -- the first time they'll clash with another squad -- the weather continued to prove hostile Friday, with suffocating grey skies, typical Texas heat, and the threat of tornado-like conditions in the evening.

At least there's the distraction provided by this beautiful raindrop from Houston Roughnecks quarterback Philiip Walker:

Right in the bucket. Complete with a floss. (The kids approve.)

Stick around and see what else is in the forecast ahead of Saturday's quartet of clashes.

Training Camp reports

(Note: The DC Defenders and Houston Roughnecks did not practice Friday.)

Digital Drops

Push, Pull, Rip

Aggressive new dance, or a valuable lesson in defensive playmaking? (Both?)

Decide for yourself by watching the St. Louis BattleHawks "mic'd up" video featuring co-defensive coordinator Matt Raich.

Secondary noise

Also on a live wire: Guardians cornerback Jamar Summers.

Cannon fire

KD Cannon? More like 'KD Toaster.'

Say hello to my little friend

Words from controversial Scarface anti-hero Tony Montana fuel Seattle Dragons cornerback Johnathan Alston's football journey.

Renegade in the red zone

Dallas wideout Simmie Cobbs hit paydirt Thursday, and it just had to be shared Friday:

Splitting the uprights?

See a battle of a different type of field goal, featuring BattleHawks defensive lineman Jake Payne vs. wide receiver Carlton Agudosi

Watch who won the dunk contest, then follow us.

Punter's chance

While those two gave a bit for the cameras, BattleHawks punter Marquette King gave back, giving some advice to a local fan.

Angry snakes

Tampa Bay Vipers workouts, on the other hand, captured some of the primal intensity that comes with training camp.

Don't feed the beast

Careful around Dallas Renegades tight end and former Houston Cougar Romello Brooker.

Can I Kick It?

And finally, a challenge... Barstool Sports' PFT Commenter claims he's coming to DC Defenders camp soon in his attempt to prove he can be a professional kicker.

Defenders boot Hunter Niswander has a message for him.

Future XFL field announcer Pat McAfee, who knows a thing or two about kicking, saluted.

Stay tuned for the epic showdown.

And don't miss our roundup of the major happenings for Saturday's joint practices.

Keep tabs on all the chatter coming out of Training Camp -- including team recaps -- on the News feed and the individual team pages.

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