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Around the XFL: Thanksgiving prep's pages are still stuffed from all the news about the XFL’s football release and all the reactions, but there's still room for one more plateful from around the league before Thanksgiving.

Can You Dig It? 

Double WWE Hall of Fame inductee and ESPN Radio 97.5 Houston’s Booker T is on fire for the Houston Roughnecks and the new ball: 

Guessing his touchdown celebration would be a Spinaroonie

Lasting Bond 

Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports reports on the long-lasting friendship between DC Defenders quarterback Cardale Jones and Ohio native Jared Foley, who’s undergone numerous heart surgeries since childhood and formed a bond with the former Ohio State star after a heated but heartfelt video game battle at the hospital. 

Tight window 

One head coach seems to approve of the football. Seattle Dragons head coach Jim Zorn throws a tight one: 

And we get a firsthand perspective of the 'X-Tip' design: 

Almost Reality?

The league’s Augmented Reality (AR) experience around the football has gotten some fun reactions. 

The St. Louis BattleHawks decided to go back to analog, with “Jordan Ta’amu” completing a pass to “L’Damian Washington." 

Get your reps in 

Maybe Thanksgiving bingers could do these exercises, demonstrated here by New York Guardians running back Lawrence Pittman, in between courses: 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We’ll be back Monday to offer dessert from across the league. 

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