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XFL in the News: Week 5

Catch up on the latest news surrounding the XFL as the teams head into Week 5

The Citadel to use XFL rules in spring game (ESPN, Associated Press)

The Associated Press and ESPN talked about The Citadel using the XFL's rules in their scrimmage coming up on March 7.

"Maybe some of the new rules in the XFL will catch on elsewhere. The Citadel will include a few of them in its spring game March 7 in Charleston, South Carolina."

Shot Callers: Janet Duch, President, New York Guardians (Front Office Sports)

The XFL’s New York Guardians entered their inaugural season with a tough task on their plate. In a market like New York City, it’s difficult for fledgeling professional sports teams to stand out from the competition.

The organization’s president, Janet Duch, sat down with Ian Thomas from Front Office Sports in the latest episode of Shot Callers to discuss the team’s launch and give her own perspective on taking over a new franchise.

XFL's 2 female presidents are a first in pro football. Will others emerge? (The Athletic - subscription)

When it the Los Angeles Wildcats were in New York to take on the Guardians this past weekend, it allowed for a showdown of the XFL's two female presidents, Wildcats' president Heather Brooks Karatz and Guardians' president Janet Duch.

The Athletic's Daniel Kaplan writes, "Jeffrey Pollack, the XFL president who hired Duch and Brooks Karatz, said when he started 13 months ago, he wanted to find new talent that might have been overlooked. “I began my search for fresh faces and new voices in the sports industry.

“And, make sure that you’re looking at the full range of talent in the industry, and not limiting yourself just to who you may know … it’s not as much about going to a certain agenda as much as it is, ‘Go find the best people but think differently about who those people could be.’

“I’m proud of the fact that in the two largest markets that we play in our team presidents are women; but it’s not just they’re women, it’s that they’re incredibly talented sports industry leaders.”

The BattleHawks and the city of St. Louis is a match made in heaven.

With XFL's BattleHawks, St. Louis gets a chance to avenge loss of the Rams (ESPN)

Brendan Meyer of ESPN takes a look at the love that is blossoming between the BattleHawks and the city of St. Louis. Meyer writes:

FOR THE FIRST time in 1,529 days, the tailgate lots are filling up in downtown St. Louis. The air smells of charcoal as fans wash down their bacon, eggs, chicken wings and brats with bloody marys and Budweisers just after 10 a.m. on game day, four hours before the XFL's BattleHawks kick off their home opener.

Brett Brown, in white and blue face paint, surveys the scene from the corner of a tailgate lot. He and his cousins paid $80 for tickets to today's game -- the cheapest ones they could find -- and now Brown can see why. "We waited way too long to buy tickets," he says. "We didn't expect --"

Brown motions toward the packed parking lot, where people are dressed like birds and pilots, with BattleHawks hoodies and T-shirts, playing beer pong or cornhole on tables and boards already printed with the BattleHawks icon. "We didn't expect this big of a turnout," Brown says.

Nobody did -- not even the XFL. Since its inception, St. Louis has led the way for the league, from booming ticket sales to record attendance to social media followers. Local brick-and-mortar stores have struggled to stay stocked with team merchandise, and online inventory has been depleted. The lower bowl at The Dome for today's home opener is completely sold out -- the XFL's first -- with secondary market prices shooting past $100."

XFL debuts "For The Love Of Football" series (

In Episode 1, “Coming Home,” executive producer and host Bonnie Bernstein visits St. Louis to paint an intimate portrait of a city exuberant about the return of pro football.

Through the eyes of some of the city’s most passionate fans and influencers, viewers will hear firsthand about the healing power of sports in the aftermath of challenging times for the city and its residents.

With new episodes dropping throughout the season, Bernstein takes XFL fans on a behind-the-scenes journey, pulling the curtain back on its teams, its players, the league’s home cities, and the rules innovations that drive the XFL’s mission of providing more action, more access and more fun.