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Thompson is Dragons' 'funny guy'

SEATTLE -- Jordan Thompson’s parents gave him some simple, but important advice when he was younger: “Use common sense.”

It’s a lesson that is particularly important for the defensive tackle who enjoys being a “funny guy” off the field but takes pride in his professionalism when he’s playing.

“I’m a funny guy, a guy who likes to have fun, keep it light sometimes, but when I cross onto the field, I can be pretty serious,” Thompson said. “When we’re in meetings, going over schemes, it’s time for work. Outside of that, football is supposed to be fun, so you can have a little bit of play time.”

He put his funny guy personality on display earlier in minicamp, orchestrating a perfectly placed photobomb while a few of his teammates on the defensive line were posing for a group picture.  

“I saw my gap and I took it,” he said with a smile.

Dragons linebacker Kyle Queiro and safety Godwin Igwebuike have known Thompson since the trio teamed up at Northwestern. And, both Queiro and Igwebuike agreed that the defensive tackle has always had that funny side.

“He’s always been goofy, but there are moments when he’s very serious,” Queiro said. “He’s one of the few guys who can turn the switch on and off when needed. Sometimes it’s dancing, it’s silliness, however, he was a player at Northwestern who played as a true freshman and had to become a leader pretty quickly.”

Igwebuike added, “He’s a jokester. I think he was going to come in and try and change up his persona, be a little bit more serious, but he couldn’t help himself. About 30 minutes in, he was back to his old goofy, goofy goober self.”

When asked about the importance of having a teammate who is an expert in knowing when to lighten the mood, Queiro said it’s a key component of building a successful team.  

“Sometimes we forget that this is a game and this is supposed to be fun, especially when you’re at the professional level and money is involved, competition is involved, you see guys come in and out every day,” Queiro said. “Sometimes it’s good to keep it light, because everybody is going to be locked in and professional, so sometimes you need that variance.”

Thompson may have already executed a perfect photobomb in camp, but the most entertaining moment of his career probably came after Northwestern knocked off Wisconsin, 31-17, last season and he did the worm across the locker room floor (Google the video).

“If there’s an opportunity to do it, I’ll probably do it,” Thompson said.

During San Francisco’s training camp this season, Thompson did the worm to hype up the crowd, so don’t be surprised if he does something similar during the Dragons’ season.

But, while Thompson may grab attention for his entertaining antics off the field, this trio from Northwestern hopes to bring something special to the Dragons’ defense during its inaugural season.

“This is full circle,” said Igwebuike, who was roommates with Queiro in college. “We’ve all had our journeys, gone through adversity, so we’re just excited to take another step toward making our dreams reality and it’s cool we get to do it with each other.

“We’re bringing some of that attitude we had when we were playing. Our defense was quite nice, so we’re bringing at together and, hopefully, we can collab, make some plays and have some fun once again.”