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Dragons OL: ‘Can I interview Emilia Clarke?’

SEATTLE – As Jordan Rose walked off the field at the end of the Dragons’ first practice Thursday, he had a question.

“Can I interview Emilia Clarke?” the offensive lineman asked.

Well, “do you know her?” someone replied.

“Absolutely not,” he said with a laugh.

That’s where it started. The University of Idaho product thought it would only make sense for the “Game of Thrones” Mother of Dragons to make an appearance at a Dragons practice.

So, it seemed practical to extend an invitation Friday.

“If the Mother of Dragons were to show up for a practice, it would be the most awesome conclusion to where her dragons went when she died, because they came to Seattle and are ready to win a championship in the XFL,” Rose said.

For those curious about how the first two days of minicamp have gone for Seattle’s XFL franchise, well, the players are enjoying every opportunity.

“It’s been great,” Rose said. “Being in Seattle, it’s a lovely town. You’ve got a little bit of everything. This is just a great chance. I’m happy every day.”

Rose is from Spokane and has visited Seattle in the past, but this is his first opportunity to immerse himself in the area. He’s taken it upon himself to explore, meet new people and explain while he’s here, to play for the area’s latest professional sports franchise.

“I’ve been getting the word out about the Dragons,” he said. “Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some wings and had some guy offer to buy me a couple of drinks because he saw I was wearing a Seattle Dragons shirt.”

No matter where he goes, he said he has found people talking sports.

“I never knew a city could be that much about their sports,” Rose said.

But, while there are opportunities to joke about getting celebrities out to practices, there is also important work being done on the field and players seem to be quickly building camaraderie.

“The first two days were awesome,” linebacker Gionni Paul said. “We flew around. We’ve got a great group of guys. We’re building a great team. We are in shape. We’ve got a lot of smart guys on our team, a lot of guys who came from different systems, so we’re gelling together pretty good.”

In fact, while Paul was being interviewed, fellow linebackers Nick Temple and Nyles Morgan had no problem barging in. They thought he was about to get a few photos taken, so they wanted to join. After a few jokes, Temple and Morgan headed for the locker room and Paul started to laugh.  

“We’ve got good team camaraderie,” he said. “We’ve all heard of each other. We’re getting a group of all stars together to make an all-star team.”

So, whether it’s trying to find ways to get the Mother of Dragons to make a visit or bonding on and off the field, two days into minicamp, this group is finding ways to get the most out of the experience.