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Vipers head coach Marc Trestman talks with 'This is the XFL Show'

The "This is the XFL Show" podcast recently spoke with Tampa Bay Vipers head coach and general manager Marc Trestman.

He discussed the process behind preparing for the XFL Draft, how the Vipers are handling player scouting, and much more -- including these highlights:

What convinced him to join the league?

Trestman: I think two things: first of all, [commissioner Oliver Luck's] passion and experience and knowledge of what it takes to get it done. But then basically the more you get into it, the more you realize you’re just starting in a garage, starting with nothing, no staff, no personnel department, no players and you get to build it from scratch … not have to do it quickly, but do it mindfully and do it analytically, to some degree, and taking it step by step and not having the pressures of getting it done so fast that the quality of work that you put into it is diminished.

On the XFL Draft's "phases" format

Trestman: I thought it was awesome. When you think about it logically, which has been thought through collectively by Oliver and the people up in Stamford and the coaches is that we’re starting with no players, we’re starting with no needs. The way the draft was set up by skill positions in different phases allowed teams to put together their sides of the ball in a mindful way that they wanted to, yet not be so specific that we were overlapping different positions and different sides of the ball, which would’ve been confusing to everyone involved.

On whether the Vipers will have an open comeptition at quarterback

Trestman: We expect [Taylor Cornelius] to compete. We expect any player getting reps to be competing. Obviously we brought [Aaron Murray] in as our designated quarterback that we went out and encouraged the league to bring to us, which they did, but Aaron’s not going to get all the reps. Taylor certainly will [get some]. What he did at one year at Oklahoma State is a credit to him -- not only on the field, but they elected him captain before the start of the season. That goes a lot not only to his talent but to his leadership ability. People in our locker room are going to take notice on the field as they will with Vincent Testaverde and [Quinton Flowers], who although he’s played RB the last two years in Cincinnati [Bengals] will be a part of our QB room as well.

🎧 Listen to the full interview below and don't forget to catch the rest of the episode.

Tampa Bay Vipers head coach Marc Trestman joins the show to discuss what it has been like putting together his team’s roster and staff.