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Wildcats coach Winston Moss on 'This is the XFL Show'

L.A. Wildcats head coach Winston Moss joins the program to discuss his plan to bring fun, smart, and physical football to Los Angeles

TheThis is the XFL podcast welcomed Los Angeles Wildcats head coach Winston Moss for an interview.

The interview starts at 32:20. Listen to more of their podcasts and find options to subscribe here.

Some highlights from their chat with the former NFL linebacker and assistant coach:

Scouting and draft focus, including keying on offensive linemen:

Winston Moss: We couldn't have had the draft go any better for us in that we won the draft lottery, we picked the H group that focused on the eighth pick for the offensive skill position. We knew that there were going to be a lot of players available in that category. At the offensive line position, that allowed us to pick No. 1, because you know that offensive linemen are going to be premium in this league. And so on the defensive side of the ball, we were able to capture the fourth and fifth slots that had us pretty much in the middle to where we were constantly picking. 

On quarterback Luis Perez:

Moss: I couldn't be more exicted about Luis. ... He's smart, he's athletic, he can throw all the passes, he can complete varying dropbacks, play-action passes, we're gonna move him out of the box some. 

On 6-foot-9 defensive end Shawn Oakman:

Moss: Let me tell you something: Oakman is a defensive line by himself. He can play all three positions at the same time, that's how big he is. He's gonna be caleld "Hulk Oakman." I'm excited for this guy to give him an opportunity.

Moss also discussed the XFL's potential rule innovations, top assistants Norm Chow (offense) and Pepper Johnson (defense), and much more.