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Around the XFL: Checking In

The latest notes from around the XFL.

We miss football. We miss you all. 

So we want to check in with the latest notes surrounding the XFL. 

Listen in

The crew at the This is the XFL Show podcast has been grinding away at the content game to make sure you are caught up with anything and everything you may have missed. 

'This is the XFL Show' podcast: Episode 121, "Just Getting Started"

Episode 121: Just getting started

The XFL regular season has unfortunately been halted. On this episode, get the latest word on how the league will proceed moving forward.

Also, Alan and Bryant dive into what we did get to see of the 2020 XFL season, who stood out the most, and why the XFL is here to stay.


4:30 – Discussing the XFL’s statement on stopping regular-season play

20:20 – Cover 2: Midseason All-XFL team + Midseason Superlatives for each team

1:03:00 – Hot Read – What do we do as football fans moving forward? + What we liked most about the first 5 weeks in the XFL

'This is the XFL Show' podcast: Episode 122, "Nailed It!"

Episode 122: Reviewing preseason predictions

On this episode, go back to a time far far in the past, before the kickoff to the 2020 XFL season when Alan and Bryant made their preseason predictions.

What did they get right? What made them look silly?

Also, take a close look at how the future of XFL recruiting will be affected by the new CBA in the NFL.


7:38 – Dinkin’ & Dunkin’ Around XFL Social Media

16:19 – Cover 2: Checking in on preseason predictions + Are you crowning the Roughnecks?

36:10 – Hot Read: The future of XFL recruiting and how the NFL’s new CBA affects the league

Johnson embraces 'old guy' role

See how Los Angeles Wildcats quarterback Josh Johnson has embraced being the old guy on a young LA team and how his time in the NFL has shaped him for success in the XFL.

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Holley's love of football endures

For Houston Roughnecks wide receiver Nick Holley, his family has helped mold him into the person he is today. Returning from multiple injuries and the tragic passing of his mother, Holley has stuck with his path to pro football.

And he found his new role, slot receiver, to be the one that may fit him best. 

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Smiles needed

The XFL Twitter account took to the timelines, knowing people needed some positive mojo in this uncertain time, asking for people to chime in with their favorite XFL moment through the first five weeks. 

They kicked it off with that ridiculous sidearm pass from P.J. Walker.

The DC Defenders chimed in with the infamous Beer Snake.

The St. Louis BattleHawks chimed in with one of their epic Bud Light Seltzer celebrations.

For the Love of Football

The BattleHawks also took some times to show some love to their fans over the weekend.

Dallas Renegades head coach Bob Stoops also shared his love and support to the XFL fans, especially the ones in Lone Star State. (Probably not in Houston, though).

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